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  • Center for Birth Seattle, WA
  • MommyCon Philadelphia, PA
  • Lifecycle WomanCare Philadelphia PA
  • Wild Was Mama Brooklyn NY
  • SF Birth and Baby Fair San Francisco, CA
  • Doula Love / Milagros Portland, OR
  • Boobie-Palooza Berkeley CA
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  • Presented as part of Advanced Postpartum Training at Birthwell.com Los Angeles, CA
  • NAPS doula education, Seattle, WA.


Operating Instructions: Newborn Care, Breastfeeding Prep and Sleep Education All-in-One

Running low on time to absorb parenting skills before baby arrives? Come join us to learn breastfeeding/ chest feeding basics, newborn care skills like bathing, burping, diapering techniques and options, holding positions for baby comfort and gas relief, pumping, storage and ergonomic bottle feeding and preventing bottle aversion, safer sleep (especially while nursing), setting up sleep skills, preventing sleep challenges, what you really need for baby and what you can save your money on.

Priced per couple. 


Prepare to sleep! For expecting parents and those with newborns. Get an education on infant sleep as it relates to the breastfeeding/chestfeeding family.

Want to avoid sleep training and cry-it-out? Want to teach your child to sleep with gradually less help from you? Curious about gentle ways to help baby sleep better that actually support your feeding relationship? How can you have great naps and not be at home all day trying to make them happen?  Want to avoid the pitfall of all the exhausting rocking and bouncing?  Moorea from Savvy Parenting Support is here to help!  We will learn about biological sleep and infant/child sleep cycles and circadian rhythms, anthropology of sleep, sleep associations, safer sleep arrangements and dispelling the myths and learning valuable tools to promote sleep for everyone. We will discuss the available literature and studies and Moorea will share her 6 C’s for Getting Z’s some amazing tips she has come to utilize as a sleep consultant, lactation counselor, Postpartum Doula and mom!

Priced per family (two adults)

SLEEP SAVVY WORKSHOP  (Gentle Sleep Skills for 3mo-4yrs)

You’re sleep deprived but you want to avoid sleep training and cry-it-out?  Want to find a balance between your needs and your baby’s needs? Would you like to teach your child to sleep with gradually less help from you? Curious about gentle, scientific, developmentally sound ways to help sleep along without causing a rift in your relationship or hurting your breastfeeding/chestfeeding relationship? Curious about how to transition sleeping arrangements, night weaning or how your child will sleep through the night? Moorea is here to help! 

We will learn valuable tools to promote sleep for everyone. We will discuss the available literature and scientific studies and Moorea will share some amazing tips she has come to utilize as a Certificated Lactation Counselor and Educator, postpartum doula former preschool teacher-director and parent consultant of over 10 years. In the last part of class, we will workshop your current sleep challenge or future fears and set you up with an awesome plan that works for your unique family. The best part is community and support! You are not doing it all wrong and you are not alone! Babies and toddlers welcome. Price is per family (two adults. Grandparents and nannies welcome.)

Potty Savvy Workshop (10mo-3yrs)

Ready to kick the diaper habit? This workshop’s for you! 

  • Would you like potty learning to be a bonding experience and not a fight? 
  • Do you have a toddler or preschooler and wonder how potty skills get actually completed or where to even start
  • Had some potty success but can’t seem ditch the diapers or disposable trainers?  
  • Would you like to improve the health of your child and our planet?
  • Have you gone off track because of refusal, withholding and anxiety?  

You will learn: 

  • 4 reasons potty learning often fails any how to avoid or correct those mistakes. 
  • 3 ways we confuse our children about potty learning, making completion difficult- and how to make skills, expectations crystal clear. 
  • How to respectfully give your child consent and agency of their own body while simultaneously setting clear and consistent boundaries. 
  • How to course correct for common potty challenges. 

No shame, just hygiene skills! Babies and toddlers welcome. Grandparents and nannies welcome. Priced per family as two adults. 

Hire Moorea for a workshop or keynote by contacting Magic@TheSleepWitch.com.