“Her greatness had been with her all along.”

I am always interested in stories about how characters are powerful in the world and how our individuality is what makes us so powerful. My kids each have four moms, a step-sibling and one of my kids doesn’t really follow gender norms. I want my kids to embrace how their story is different from the story of others. In comes the newly released book “Egg” by Laura Clement and illustrator by Sunny J. Choi.

We delighted in the fast-moving, vivid illustrations. My 7-year old found it on my table when she arrived from school and immediately asked to read it to me. We ran to sit on her bed. That’s the cool thing about kids growing up; I get the stories read to me now!

Egg seems to be a dragon adopted into a family and community of ducks (which is called a “raft” of ducks, by the way!).  At first her differences make her just…different from the ducklings. It seems so natural in this book that Egg is loved and accepted as she is in her raft! Then, Egg suddenly and unexpectedly finds her very special job (I won’t give it away!). She also gets a new name, as some of us do when we find ourselves. 

Our favorite illustration is this one of Egg swimming in the pond! 

This book made me realize the times are changing – we are moving from stories where difference and acceptance is the center of the story (aka The Ugly Duckling) to stories like this where little ones are automatically accepted, freeing the character up for greater adventure. Egg is simultaneously a contemplative and fierce female character. 

Many things can make us each different, but which of them will make us great? What’s your child’s superpower? Suggested for 2-7 years. Click the book below to find it on Amazon! (I was not paid or asked to review or promote this book!) 

Author and Illustrator: 


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