Still thinking it might be twins. I have now talked to multiple twins moms and people who know them. They always have lots of heavy early symptoms and they always start gaining weight right away. Turns out we can find out very soon whether it’s twins or not- to put my mind at ease or throw us into a panic.  K has taken to calling what’s in the belly little “Jack and Iris” or conversely “Iris and Fern.”   Still, I’m really hoping it’s one or the other but we should know in about a week or so.  And I know I won’t be okay with two boys.

Twins would really put a hitch in my giddy-up of home waterbirth plans, midwife, breastfeeding for a year or fitting into our house at all. On the other hand, they get more “cute” stares than usual, I am extremely well versed in caring for infant twins and they grow up loving each other. However, starting at abut 3 they aid and abet each others mischief.