This blog is such a reflection of me! Too many balls in the air and a lot to keep track of. Maybe thats you too? I sort of can’t/shouldn’t talk about it but I added another “thing” to the “things I do with my life” section and its definitely stupid to be adding things to this list while still so sleep deprived. The thought is always that a miracle could happen and she could start sleeping well at any time and then I need to have already started my projects when they are fresh in my mind.

Creativity/Great ideas are not consistently ripe for the picking. The bud starts to bloom  and I’m out there tending that rosebush. If I waited for a convinient time to pay attention, I would miss the whole process and be left with grey petals on the ground. Okay so thats a dumb metaphor. What I really want to say is all I must strike while the iron is hot! I know this because I wrote a book once and a book proposal. And by the time I was ready to get a book agent, (okay, well I couldn’t find one), all of the research I did for the book had been eeked out by various people in various places and published and all of it is now fairly well-known. Also, the word Feminists was in the title but by the time I was done, the F word was not something any publisher wanted to print. So I tried to re-form/re-think my ideas and research into  “Green”. But that book got published by someone else while I was doing the re-write.

So far I’ve got:

1) Life Coach, 2) Mama, 3) Musician, 4) PR/Booking Agent/ Manager 5) Wife 6) Homemaker (hah!) 7) Inventor, 8) Thing which shall remain nameless. 9) This sad little blog. 10)Baby music teacher. 11) Women’s writing Group

Damn right, I’ve got Balls!! (in the air).

I thought maybe I was having a manic attack until I read an article a sleep doctor in NYC published about how creative people when they are sleep deprived become uber-creative and more-so with the more sleep-deprived they are Physiologic stress induces hyperactivity of the sympathetic nervous system. I’m glad being creative feels so good because I think I’m beginning to give up on finding a good/easy fix for Iris’s central sleep apnea.