Booby snack- 

When my daugher developed teeth, I wondered what would happen for breastfeeding. Its not really been a problem but even very occasional biting is not good. I also knew I wanted to write a song somehow putting together booby the bodypart and booby the genus of seabird. In this song we learn about the blue-footed and red-footed boobies and thier shark preditors! This satisfies the nerd in me who is obsessed with sea ceatures and birds of all sorts. We don’t go into “Brown Booby” -which are common- in this song because linking them to boobs seemed like I might be heading into some kind of racial territory that doesn’t warrant exploring in a baby album 😉  FYI part of the song says “Lansinoh” which is a wonderful lanolin nipple healing salve if you didn’t know. This could be thier theme song, if they had a commercial. Which they should, now that they have a theme song!

Miracle Baby

Confession- I wrote this song before I was pregnant- I wrote it about a friend who had just had a baby after 10 years of intertility. In that incarnation it was also a song for the person I was dating who had managed to come alone well in life dispite a very abusive childhood. And in that carnation, it was also a strangely(for me) Christian song about Jesus’ miracle birth, but more importantly his mother’s side of the story. Yes, I had a slightly christian phase that I may or may not be growing out of. But in this carnation of the song, its permanent carnation now, its a song that I sang to my unborn, egging her along and and then celebrating her perfection against the odds of my difficult pregnancy and birth.

Its looking like I may get the CDs shipped by Christmas! And if they are here by the 20th (is that possible?!) I’ll even get them in stores by the holiday!