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Finally feel rested without compromising your connection.


Gentle Sleep Online Courses and Private Consulting
Designed for Breastfeeding / Chestfeeding and Co-sleeping Families!


Do you:

🌙 Desperately want to avoid Cry-It-Out, but nothing you’ve tried has worked to help baby sleep?

⭐ Co-sleep and want to continue but need to end the constant night waking?

🌙 Need to guide your child in learning how to go down without the drawn-out fuss at bedtime?

⭐ Want my help transitioning your child into a crib, new room or toddler bed?

🌙 Feel conflicted about night weaning and if it is right for your family at this time?

⭐ Wonder how to get the right nap rhythm for optimal nighttime baby or toddler sleep?

The Sleep Savvy Method is approved by Neurologists, IBCLC Lactation Pros & Perinatal Psychotherapists. 

Get. Some. Sleep.

… without abandoning your gentle parenting ideals

… without weeks of disruption

… and even while nursing or bed-sharing (if that’s what feels good! OR change it if you don’t love it!)

My new Sleep Savvy Baby (0-15mo) is live!

Yes, YOUR Kiddo!

All Night! In their own bed



This course will finally get your little one falling asleep alone and staying asleep- using a method that actually creates a stronger, more secure attachment.

While young infant attachment is very physical, true psychological attachment is built in the toddler and preschooler years with slow, gradual and mindful separations and reunions.

If you’re exhausted, drained and need my support immediately, register for a private coaching package below.

What people are saying about Sleep Savvy:

Moorea! Thank you so much for having that special call with us. You’re right, I think I needed some help with consent around my body and boundaries and it was making sleep a bigger challenge than it needed to be. We feel more confident and our quality time is better because we are not so exhausted!

Elizabeth and Dave, Cape May NJ

I took your sleep savvy class last Saturday. She was waking at night frequently and usually nursing or rocking to sleep. We implemented your course Saturday night and it has worked since to help her sleep 8-9 hrs at a time. Still nursing, still bed-sharing!

Megan, mom to 6mo baby

Portland, OR

I wanted to say Thank you! We have a great sleeper at 4 months! Your baby sleep class was more helpful than all of the other baby prep stuff we did. It wound up being more valuable to us than our childbirth class. I think people should trade back all of the onesies and receiving blankets and get to this class.


Boston, MA

Dr. Beatrice Rabkin

Dr. Liz Cahill

Claire Z
Postnatal Fitness Instructor

Sleep Savvy Coaching Packages:

Sleep isn't getting better with time? Get your brain back! The customized sleep support of your dreams!

Get Your BRAIN Back Package

For families of babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Forget getting your body back, what you really need is just to sleep enough to function. No matter your sleeping and feeding arrangements, you need help that doesn’t involve Cry-It-Out. I’ll help you find a beautiful balance between your needs and your child’s needs through a customized sleep plan based on your individual child’s personality, your unique circumstances and the science of sleep learning.

⭐ 1 hour-long initial plan creation call and recording

⭐ 2 thirty-minute (30-min) follow up calls whenever you need them, plus recordings
⭐ Plan of action emailed to you (we co-create this!)
⭐ Resources
⭐ Up to 6 email exchanges to hold your hand all along the way!
⭐ Flexible Scheduling including some nights and weekends
⭐ Money-back guarantee to greatly improve sleep in 4 nights if you show commitment and consistency with our plan.

Now offering 4 Payments or PayPal “Pay Later” Financing!​

I just want to say thank you times a million. In just these three days I now have my life back and she is a champion sleeper!!

Daphne M

New York, NY

Better sleep and still co-sleeping!

I was so relieved to get into this course and realize we could still co-sleep and nurse but not be awake every hour! Working on that balance of flexibility and rhythm has been key! Thank you! 

Kelly and Bryan

Phoenix, Arizona

A miracle on your street. 

It took ONE night. She sleeps in the crib now from 9-6:45 like a CHAMP. THANK YOU!!!!!!

 (Note, I never promise sleep-through in one night as it isn’t developmentally typical, but it does sometimes happen!-MM


Los Angeles

toddler own bed, bedspring, toddler sleep, toddler bed.

Get Your BED Back Package

Solo. Sleep. Securely. For families wanting your toddler or preschooler to feel safe about sleeping all night in their own bed! Whether you’ve made a transition from crib to kiddo bed and it isn’t going great… or you wish to move to a toddler bed, big kid bed or Montessori floor mattress after co-sleeping.

This package is for children who are night-weaned and no longer fall asleep and back asleep on your chest or bottle.  Together we will support your your toddler or preschooler in learning to feel secure sleeping in their own space all night with my attachment-supportive, developmentally sound “Patience-building” method !

⭐ One Hour phone consultation on Zoom, recorded for you. (or phone if you choose)

⭐ Detailed Plan of action sent to you after call

⭐ 30min follow-up Zoom call (to be used within 2 weeks) 

⭐ and up to 4 email responses from me to smooth it out! (to be used within 1 month) 


Now offering 4 Payments or PayPal “Pay Later” Financing!​

Individualized sleep support.

Everyone told me it was Cry It Out or don’t sleep till she’s 5. I never knew a sleep coach would work with parents who want to co-sleep and breastfeed after a year. Thank you so much for working with our individual needs and helping me get twice the sleep I was getting!


Los Angeles

Less work for mom.

I feel like the happiest person on earth right now! No nursing, no carrying, no rocking just sleeping. Thank you so much for the sleep plan and thank you for being so helpful and supportive!


Vienna, Austria

I feel so good. We are all sleeping through till 6:30 and there is a noticeable difference in all of our moods.

L & D

Berkeley, CA

What’s Next?

If you purchase an online course, you will get access to the members section of this site. If you purchase a private consulting package, I will email you within 24hrs to schedule your call.

Very Informed Parent Support Package Deal

PayPal Financing Available!​

VIP Package

Let me be an extra parenting partner on your Journey!

Much. More. Support.

An excellent gift to yourself or a new parent friend!

✵ 4 months of ongoing support on any or multiple topics: Sleep, Gentle Discipline, Lactation Counseling, Potty, Picky Eating, interpersonal parenting challenges, overwhelm or confidence-boosting.

✵ 1 Hour-long initial support call and recording

✵ 6 Thirty Minute (30min) calls and recordings

Priority scheduling within 24hrs or sooner.

Unlimited email support answered within 12hrs for quick answers.

✵ One written PDF plan for the challenges of your choosing.

✵ Text message support like I’m your sister – up to 120 min total of my response time on the first week and then up to 60 min of my response time per week after that. Response within 3 hours or much sooner 7 days (excluding U.S. national holidays) between 8am and 11pm Pacific. (For sleep clients, this lets me help you through bedtime and the first wake up).

Moorea Malatt, Savvy Sleep Coaching

Your Savvy Sleep Coach

I’ve read all of the books. Between the families I spent professional time with as a nanny, night-nanny and Postpartum Doula, my own family and my coaching families, I have seen absolutely every trick and technique played out. I know what always works, what sometimes works for some families, what never works and I have a strong sense of intuition that helps me decide what might be the right place to start of your unique family.

I provide important information on infant and child sleep cycles, dispelling the myths and learning valuable tools as we create your sleep plan together. We will look at nutrition, nap schedule and every other detail for optimal sleep.

This is the perfect place for you if you are asking the questions:

  • Is there an effective alternative to sleep training and Cry It Out?
  • When will my baby sleep through the night?
  • Why is bedtime taking forever and how can we fix this? 
  • What is the right feeding schedule to help my baby sleep?
  • What is the right nap schedule to help baby sleep better at night?
  • Why is my toddler still waking at night?

If you aren’t sure what course or package is right for you,

Just fill out the form below to ask me anything! 

Questions?  Talk to me! If you're not sure about the best way I can serve you, tell me a bit about your challenge here. I would love to hear from you if you have any questions about services, workshops or speaking engagements. Please fill out the form below and I will reply as soon as possible.