I’m not having the surgery. But I forgot to call the surgeon’s nurse to let her know. Oh well, he’ll get one day notice- maybe get in an early golf game. Partially my chickening out and partially still thinking the bottles is not comforting Iris at all. If I have attacks between now and her 6 mo birthday, I will go in. Okay so that’s that for the update. And now for the fun:

I have two huge project I’m cooking up! I have no idea how I will have the time for them, but maybe I will get some help.

1) creating a new programme for coaching clients on creating a better life by trying to implement the Buddhist 5 Precepts into one’s life and working on minimizing greed, hatred and aversion and some of the other fetters. I knew I wanted to add some new clients but I realized I wanted to work with the new ones in a particularly spiritual context toward world betterment.

2) Writing for a new album. “Whip It Out: Songs for Breastfeeding”  started with an idea for a front and back cover, the sound of the breast pump, the fact I do nothing else but nurse and listen to music and wanting to write a little more comedy, mix it with something soothing and something funny. Now, I know the market is huge for this but how will I afford the upfront costs for production, printing and publicity? Questions God will have to answer for me over time or with a miracle. But my life is so full of those, so why not? Writing is the easy part.