You’ll feel more confident answering challenging sleep questions, preventing sleep challenges and setting families up to sleep soundly. 

3 Contact Hours for DONA International, CAPPA, 3 CERPs for IBCLC’s/IBLCE

Recording and materials emailed to all registrants, if you an’t make it live! 

This webinar is for: 

  • Birth and Postpartum Doulas
  • Lactation Consultants and Counselors, peer breastfeeding educators
  • Postpartum or Perinatal Counselors and Perinatal Psychotherapists
  • Family Doctors, Naturopaths, Midwives, newborn nurses, newborn care specialists.
  • Parent-Baby group facilitators

You will learn: 

  • The science of lactation as it relates to and Infant/Parent sleep including how to best utilize natural hormones for sleep.
  • The science of circadian rhythms and how aligning with light and dark creates better sleep for all. 
  • How to educate families on the anthropology and biology of lactation and sleep and typical development. 
  • Special considerations for serving bottle feeding, formula-feeding and exclusively-pumping families. 
  • Discussion of the works and studies of Dr. Helen Ball and Dr. James McKenna and further data. 
  • How to best support families that wish to bed-share while protecting yourself legally.
  • To prioritize feeding relationship while also helping families find a balance between breastfeeding/ body feeding  sleep, work and mental health.
  • To better understand and compare sleep training methods parents are using and the latest thought on safety and possible health/ lactation challenges with some common sleep interventions. 
  • Infant, maternal, and family development and milestones; environments, considerations like GERD/Reflux, and nutritional challenges as they relate to sleep.
  • How to talk to families about sleep in a supportive and non-judgmental way that helps you understand and mold your sleep help to their unique values.
  • Clear understanding of safer sleep; and how to diplomatically talk about safety and baby sleep products and contraptions. 
  • Exactly how a parent or professional can help baby learn important sleep skills without compromising feeding.
  • How you can support sleep within the scope of your current biz vs. what a sleep consultant does and how they might be offered separately to the same family to stay within scope. 

Note: This course focuses on the first 4 months. It will not teach you how to “sleep train” or promise “sleep through the night.” The AAP does not recommend sleep training before 3 months and does not recommend it specifically until after 6 months. The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine does not recommend sleep training (reducing feeds, babies crying alone) for young babies. For work with older babies and toddlers, consider my Sleep Savvy Mentorship & Certification

  • Webinar is 3 hours long with a potty break
  • I will answer all questions LIVE.
  • You can also email me questions after the webinar if you cannot attend live.
  • You will be emailed a recording, PDF handouts, including informative slides from the presentation.

I’m watching the art and science of lactation and sleep and I can’t believe your knowledge AND lovely way of teaching this information. You are calm and peaceful and have the best phrases. I’m not sure I will ever reach your skill in this subject but it’s worth trying because I want to help families. Thank you.


Postpartum Doula and Sleep Consultant

Those videos you shared where you were supporting babies in learning how to sleep on a flat surface were absolutely invaluable to me. I feel like I can better hold this balance of supporting bedsharing and babywearing AND crib sleep.


NCS & Postpartum Doula

This broke so many sleep myths I was carrying around and answered questions my clients often have which I have never quite been able answer. I have a much better understanding about development of sleep and how not to introduce things that are going to create sleep challenges and a few new ways to help ease the 3 month transition!

Mental Health Counselor

The links and handouts were awesome. I feel like I finally have the compiled evidence to stand behind a lot of the sleep recommendations I make as a lactation counselor. But you also helped me remember to be really careful that I give evidence versus opinion on people’s sleep choices.


Lactation Counselor

*Must complete a quiz and short eval within 10 days to receive contact hours from CAPPA, DONA International and IBLCE Cerps. Recording will be emailed to all.

$75 Tax-deductible investment

Taught by Moorea Malatt, a PMH-C Perinatal Mental Health Certified Sleep Educator and Consultant, LEC Lactation Educator Counselor; Early Childhood Development specialist and all-around baby science nerd!

Previously presented live at: 

  • BabyFest NW – Seattle, WA
  • BabyFest NW – Portland, OR
  • Mt Diablo Doulas – Bay Area, CA
  • PALS – Doulas Seattle, WA
  • Lifecycle Womancare – Philadelphia, PA
  • Center for Birth – Seattle, WA
  • Wild Was Mama – Brooklyn, NY
  • Blossom Birth – Palo Alto, CA
  • and more….