Last week I had a liter of IV with B-vitamins put into me at my Dr’s office. Or should I say my Midwife/Natruopath’s office, because if I had an OB/GYN I’d have to check myself into the ER or hospital just to get fluids. I was so dehydrated and had lost 10 pounds with all of the puking and no appetite. I also got a scrip for Zofran which is a anti-puke medicine for cancer patients that seems to work so well for preggy ladies.

I was very excited because I felt better after the IV and then the Zofran worked for 2.5 days. I didn’t throw up and had only mild nausea. However the side effects were the worst constipation of my life and stabbing intestinal pain. It also contains Phenylalanine which I had been avoiding all of my life in fake sugar because of the risk of birth defect. And then it promptly stopped working for the nausea. It did increase my appetite, which is good.

So today I’m going to try another medicine. In suppository form-fun. I don’t like exposing the baby to any of these chemicals at all but I always take less than perscribed and try each morning to see if I don’t need it and only take it once I feel bad. Lots of people have suggested that I should just embrace the sickness and give in to it-   but these are the same people who promised that as soon as I hit 12 weeks the nausea would magically dissapear. The truth is, I want to feel better because I haven’t gotten to be excited about having a baby. First there was worrying about miscarriage by the time that was over I was well into intense morning sickness. It’s just hard to appreciate pregnancy.

There is no anti-nausea drug approved for pregnancy. This is so strange! It makes me feel like nobody cares about sick pregnant women. Can that be right?  I’ve decided it’s a right-wing pro-life conspiracy ala “Screw the mother’s well-being, only the fetus matters. Forget that the mother is having a bodily experience, it’s all about the product.”

In  week I think I’ll be ready to take a belly picture. Come on, baby, Grow!!!