My mouth is slack-jawed again. We went in for the results of Iris’s second sleep study. We had been told over the phone that the results were the same as last time (7 months and 12 months) with 31 central apneas and 6 obstructives. This doc had sort of promised he would help us “do something” about it.

But when we went in,  Dr. Joseph said that the one thing that changed was she had less oxygen desaturations with the central apneas recently. Based on this, he feels the apneas are not dangerous and therefore can’t be treated. So the out-of-breath/wake cycle remains. He believes and hopes she will grow out of this “but it may take a couple of years.”

 So, like everyone else, He wants us to do Cry It Out. In the hopes that she gives up on getting attention after her wakings and will put herself back to bed more quickly after her apneas therefore waking us less. He told us about how he put his “foot down” with his wife and did cry it out when his baby was 5 months old. And his wife was traumatized but it worked. I’m sure they have a great marriage.

My two worries: 

1)As of the appt. in his office she still has not grown in length or weight in 3.5 months. We had assumed this was from lack of consecutive sleep/ not producing growth hormone at night. He said: see an endocrinologist about that.
and 2) If she isn’t growing, and Cry It Out requires no nighttime feedings, we will be cutting down her calories by a quarter. (She eats so much during the day, don’t think we could bulk her up more then).

And What about the seizures we saw and the sleep myoclonus (constant shaking/jolting?)

 I think we’re supposed to chalk the seizures up to febrile (with fever) seizures and hope the sleep myoclonus gets better if we can train her to sleep getter.

 But more than any of these worries…I feel terrible for putting Iris so through so many tests. So many people looked at the original sleep study and were concerned about the central apneas, and then finding a cause. And now we’re at the place of ignoring any cause and going for behavioral and hoping she will grow out of it.  I wish Dr. Bandla, the original sleep doc  had had that opinion originally because that’s where we started the tests.  This whole thing just makes me sick.

Karolyn is really happy that a doctor has decided there is nothing really wrong with our baby. My feelings are so complicated but I’m trying to jump on her wagon.

And FYI there is no way in hell we’re doing Cry It Out. I think its cruel and biologically/anthropologically unnatural. But I did find a really amazing article by Dr. Jay Gordon. It is humane and a middle ground..imagine that…