Just what do you buy for a baby outside of a board book or the same ole’ little toy? Here’s a list of thoughtful presents. Your family asking for hints? Send this article to them before the holidays!

Enrichment Classes: Ask baby’s parent what classes they would like to take? ASL? Gym? Music Together? I teach a combo of world languages, ASL, music and sensory play.Indirayellow But academics are not what we’re really aiming for with babies even in my own classes- fun and friends are key. Social learning and parent connection are the greatest joy money can buy. If baby is not born yet or just born, the family may enjoy breastfeeding drop-in groups, newborn groups etc.

Snacks: Make baby a delectable treat. Babies can eat real food with real spices and it doesn’t have to start with purees.  Homemade sweet potato crackers. Apple butter without sugar. Carrot muffins. Dried Apple Teething Rings. 

Books: The classic gift that endures the test of time. Board books are wonderful but don’t be afraid to buy “older kid” books so that they can be enriched with real literacy. Used books? Hand me down books? All good!

A Potty: Did you know that babies can crawl onto a potty and use words and signs to communicate potty needs by 10 months? Besides peeing in them, potties are fun to climb and read a book on. As a potty coach for 10mo and up, here’s my favorite inexpensive one: The Potty Pod Basix.

First Art Supplies: First art experiences can happen much earlier than preschool! Artsensorykitchenmemesupplies can be enjoyed with the hands, feet and all the senses. Glob paint is safe, gluten-free, sugar-free and just sticky enough to be really interesting. It’s more of a water-color consistency once mixed. Get a big, long roll of paper for baby to just go crazy on!

DIY Sensory Tubs: Make your own sensory kit to gift to baby. A big, shallow tupperware, some organic lentils, quinoa, cups for water play, possibly some silica-free, sensorykitchenmemepreservative-free sand.  Some bulk items in bags, some bowls and supervision will also do just fine!

Parenting Classes:  The Parent of the baby you love might want some help in the arena of gentle and effective discipline, communication, how to cloth diaper, how to use various baby carriers or infant CPR, baby massage. Ask the parent what they are interested and beloved baby will reap the benefits! You can even find some of these classes online, like my gentle discipline, potty savvy and sleep savvy online programs.

Membership: To the local children’s museum or play center? To the aquarium? To the pool! Botanical Gardens? Ahh..the gift of getting out of the house!


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