6 Tips for Preventing Constipation During Potty Learning 

These tips are gathered from over 18 years of helping families with potty learning challenges!

Hydrate With Straws: Regular sippy cups are hard to suck enough water out of and little ones may not have the skills to get much from a glass yet. Straws help your little one stay hydrated, whether a straw in a cup or a “sippy cup” with a built in straw. Coconut water has extra electrolytes if your child is already constipated. Place more water around the house and set a timer on your phone to remind your child to hydrate if needed.

Fiber From Fruit: The best regulating fruits are fresh peaches, plums, pineapple, berries and figs. Fresh fruit is better than dried. No more than a half a banana per day while learning potty. Dairy can also be very constipating, so limit cow dairy if possible.

Fiber From Water Absorbent Seeds: Some nuts can be constipating, but seeds are magic. Chia and flax are the two best seeds with Chia being a real miracle worker. Have your child lick them up and follow by water. They will absorb the water and carry it all the way through until the rectum, where it keeps poop from getting hard and painful! Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are also helpful.

Squat: Time to practice the frog jumps! The rectum straightens out and allows easy passage as soon as we are in a squat position. For babies not yet walking, you can help with baby yoga moves, bicycling the legs, and holding his back against your tummy while pulling his knees up gently.

Exercise: Moving the body also helps the intestinal tract move. Your little one should be getting outside, climbing, walking and more for at least an hour a day. Getting down on all fours, hopping, squatting, crawling, and floor yoga poses are are all great for pooping.

Magnesium: Magnesium rich foods include raw spinach, beans and lentils, fish, whole grains. During an Epsom salt bath, the skin absorbs magnesium, so this is a good treatment if your child is already constipated.Image

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*Moorea Malatt is not a medical doctor. Always consult your child’s doctor, naturopath or nutritionist/dietician before making dietary changes or beginning supplements. Please contact your child’s doctor if your child is continually in pain or if constipation lasts more than a few days.

I can help with gentle behavioral modifications for potty and also help you figure out how to talk to your child about participating in constipation remedies and using the potty.


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