This week marks the 1 year anniversary of the release of Whip It Out:Songs for Breastfeeding

The love-labor of this CD (recording-wise) lasted 6 days- about how long my labor with my daughter took! That’s her there, with the face!

In celebration of this birthday, I am giving away 20 CDs. Yes, that’s FREE. So is the shipping. USA only.

First come, first served.

Listen see the song names and to listen to samples, go here: CDBaby

I’ll need you to:

1) Comment here (but do not post your address here). I don’t care what you say, but I want a record here that you will receive a CD so that I can find your email.

2) Send your name and snail mail address to my alternate “spam-ish” email address: mooreamalatt@hotmail.com

3) Send this link on email to your breastfeeding friends, to your midwife friends, your doula friends. Or Twitter or Facebook post the link to this entry.

I will send you a copy (or your friend or family member or your lactation consultant ;0)

Happy New Year!


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