We had our first real prenatal check-up yesterday. Attempted to hear the baby’s heart beat with a doppler but our baby wanted to hide from it. It’s sometimes too early to hear at this stage especially if the uterus is tilted back a bit. I’m amazed some people can find it at all considering the fast little heart is less than half the size of a pea. I was a little dissapointed but not worried about anything so not going to get an ultrasound. We don’t actually know exactly how ultrasound effects a fetus. The almost always move away from the strong sound waves and I have read so many horror stories of a woman in her early weeks seeing a heartbeat in her first ultrasound and going back the next week or two and finding the baby without a heartbeat. My intuitive feeling is that they are too fragile at this stage to be exposed to the sound waves.

 Pee on the strip, thankfully free of glucose and proteins. My weight is definitely down and got to try and get it up at this point. I’ve been monitoring it on my own and I’m losing about an ounce per day. The nausea is always here but maybe less vomiting some days and appetite very miniscule.  Extreme aversions to most foods, smells of foods and ideas of foods.  I’m not sure how this mechanism is evolutionarily beneficial. I have been able to take more vitamins lately which is great. Chewable or powder, mostly.