Sleep Savvy Certified Doulas and Family Professionals! (Other Resources Below)

Need local support? These are trusted sleep experts trained and vetted by my Sleep Savvy Certification Process. They can provide sleep education, home visits, postpartum care and overnights!

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As a mother of two teenagers, Jill Colley still remembers the agony of the night she tried the Cry It Out (CIO). It was torture for mom and baby, and she never tried it again.  Instead, she spent countless hours holding, rocking, singing and finally sleeping with her babies (and then toddlers) to coax them to sleep and to stay asleep.  If only she’d known there was a gentler, more parental-present way to help babies learn to fall asleep.  Now as a sleep coach certified in the Sleep Savvy Gentle Sleep method and postpartum doula, she finds it immensely rewarding to successfully coach families with their sleep challenges and to help them avoid the gut-wrenching experience of CIO.  Jill serves the Seattle, WA area and beyond. To learn more, please visit:

Mac Brydum, MSW, CLEC, CD (DTI) is a birth and postpartum doula, lactation educator, and sleep savvy consultant. He is passionate about providing inclusive support to LGBTQ families throughout their pregnancy, birth and parenting journeys. Mac lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and pets. To learn more, please visit:

Mac is certified with Doula Trainings International, University of California San Diego and Sleep Savvy right here!


Gwen Kiehne found her calling as a postpartum doula in 2011, two years after the birth of her daughter. Having a child with colic and very little family support motivated her to apply her background in research and caregiving to be the help that she wish she had as a new parent. Since then she has completed certifications as a lactation educator, a labor support doula, and a sleep consultant using the Sleep Savvy Gentle Sleep method. She chose to certify with the Sleep Savvy Gentle Sleep method because it is evidence based, breastfeeding friendly, and respectful of the attachment relationship between parents and their children. Gwen Kiehne serves the Seattle area for in person consults and has successfully supported families remotely. To learn more, please visit:


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