Savvy Potty Learning

gentle potty learning
gentle potty learning

Would you like to be done with diapers as early as 10 months?

Would you like potty learning to be a bonding experience and not a fight?

Would you like to improve the health of your child and our planet?

Do you disapprove of current potty methods including shame, boot camp, or bribery?

Did you try elimination communication but found it challenging?

Is it impossible to change your moving baby’s diaper?

Hi, I’m Moorea Malatt. I’m a mom and teacher with 20 years of experience in toddler and infant care. As a parent coach I’ve been coaching families to become Potty Savvy privately and in sold-out workshops for years. NO FORCING. NO SHAME. JUST GENTLE OPPORTUNITIES FOR HYGIENIC ELIMINATION!

Online Potty Savvy Program (10-18mo)

I teach parents my unique 12-step, 12-week Potty Savvy method of early potty learning

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Potty Savvy Coaching Packages:

Get this Potty Started!

For families of babes 10 months old and up, with little or zero potty experience. Potty learning can be all about improving health and spending connected quality time together! This is the package for you if you want me to lead you through my Potty Savvy plan, tailor it to your family, answer all of your potty questions!


  • 1 hour of phone consultation
  • Access to online Potty Savvy System
  • Resources including reports on Potty Savvy Cloth Options training pants suggestions with links, Smooth Move, Potty Groove (preventing constipation).
  • Up to 4 email exchanges.
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Flush Away Your Troubles!

For families of kids having challenges with potty learning at any age. Refusal, withholding and constipation, getting started again after a break? How to get your childcare provider or preschool on board?


  • TWO one-hour phone consultations
  • Access to Potty Savvy system online
  • Potty Savvy Plan Worksheet
  • Resources including reports on Potty Savvy Cloth Options training pants suggestions with links, Smooth Move, Potty Groove (preventing constipation).
  • Up to 6 email exchanges to hold your hand all along the way
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Want to be sure the coaching package is right for you? Email questions directly to me or fill out the Contact Form. I will be happy to send you a pricing list or answer any questions about Potty Savvy!

Moorea, Potty Savvy Coaching

Thank you for the incredibly beneficial phone call! He pooped. He peed. Such a triumph! You are such an authentic, special person. You are a God-send!


Ontario Canada

I just wanted to share the good news that C. had his first fully-potty trained day last week. It was fantastic! I have to say that having even an almost potty trained child at 13 months-old blows my mind. He’s even been telling me when we’re on the go that he needs to potty. Thanks so much for your help and support.



Her potty learning has actually been a great bonding time for us, especially as she becomes increasingly mobile. Everyone at her ‘baby college’ class always asks how she got so great at pottying so soon, and while a lot of it is her, I really credit and thank you.



Jazzie had another poop on the potty! Thank you! We are so excited.


mom to 17month boy

No Risk. I have a 100% money-back guarantee if you're truly ready to work with me! Are you ready to make change and follow the plan we co-create for 4 days? I can afford my guarantee due to my 100% satisfaction rate- because parents I work with align with gentle, respectful parenting values and are pumped to start our work together. If after emailing or talking, I realize a family is not ready to implement a plan, I will refund your money.