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Moorea Malatt CPD, CLEC ( “Mo-ray-uh Muh-lot”)
Lactation Counselor-Educator, Gentle Sleep Expert, Parent Educator & Consultant, Postpartum Doula, Workshop Facilitator, Event Speaker

Moorea Malatt is the founder of SavvyParentingSupport.com, an online resource for gentle and naturally-minded early parenting challenges. Moorea is an expert in gentle sleep learning and gentle discipline and gentle potty learning. She is the author of online learning programs and articles.  She leads sold-out workshops and provides private phone consults for naturally-minded parents of kiddos newborn-4years. Moorea has appeared on podcasts, summits and in person giving talks at baby fairs.

As a parent, she overcame finally severe sleep deprivation with her own breastfeeding-friendly gentle approach after she learned everything there was to know about sleep due to her daughter’s sleep disorder. Moorea enjoyed gentle potty learning tremendously with her daughter and son and revels in parenting gently with clear boundaries and respect and consistency. Moorea has 20 years of experience with parents and young children as a Certified Lactation Educator-Counselor (CLEC), postpartum doula, preschool teacher and director, newborn group facilitator, parent coach and a nanny for all of her younger years-and let’s not forget as a mom!  She enjoys horticulture, birding, marine biology, and crafting imperfectly. 

Before all of this, she was a songwriter. After her daughter’s birth, she wrote, sang and played guitar on an album of songs called, “Whip It Out: Songs for Breastfeeding”. She was the owner, director and curriculum designer of Genius: A Baby Academy in Seattle WA. Moorea phone and skype-coaches parents from all over the globe.

Moorea has written for Natural Mother Magazine, Natural Parents Network, Mother Mag and more. 

Natural Mother Magazine Articles: Express Yourself;  Ways to Encourage Gratitude in Young Children; Understanding Night Terrors and Nightmares; Rest Assured: Safer Bedsharing; Gentle Discipline is Love

Natural Parents Network Articles: 6 Tips on Screen Time for Tots; Curing Mastitis Naturally; Kundalini Yoga with Kids; 10 Tips for Raising and Open-Gender Child

Moorea was a breastfeeding & sleep contributor in The Ultimate Guide to Sex Through Pregnancy and Motherhood by Cleis Press.

  • Certified Lactation Counselor-Educator UC San Diego
  • Postpartum Doula Seattle Midwifery School/Bastyr University
  • BA Psychology University of Western Washington
  • Certified Life Coach- Coach Training Alliance
  • AA ECE Early Childhood Development- Cal State Northridge

We need to thank you for being our 3rd partner in parenting. You have gotten us through major tantrums, communication challenges, a forever bedtime and night waking, the picky eating problem of the century and now feeding challenges with a second baby. You have to make an app so everyone can have you as a parenting partner in their pocket!

Magi, San Francisco CA

My husband and I got a lot out of your discipline workshop and we could not have taken it at a better time. Now that E. is 15 months, we are finally using all of the tools and things are going really well!

Lilah, San Francisco, CA

Thank you for helping us realize our sleep challenges were really gentle discipline challenges and helping us have a clear plan for dealing with all of the fighting of every boundary that Z was doing. It never occurred to me the fixing daytime challenges would help our sleep but it has tremendously and I now have such great communication with my tiny person.

Jennifer, Baltimore MD

I feel like the happiest person on earth right now! I was immediately at her side, put my hand on her back and she fell right back asleep! And then the same thing again with no nursing, no carrying, no rocking. Thank you so much for the sleep plan and thank you for being so helpful and supportive!

Christina, Vienna

The Discipline workshop gave me clear ideas about what to expect for the preschool age, and a few guidelines plus specific tips on how to handle disagreements. I also like having a frame in which to look at this age. I liked the emphasis on language, and emphasis on a general approach, symbolized in the time-out/ time-in scenario.

K. Mom to preschooler

Moorea has an uncanny ability to connect with children, create a safe and loving environment, great communication, and tremendous skill in getting children on track emotionally and behaviorally. She is one of a kind and we feel lucky to have her in our lives.

Elizabeth, Seattle (mother of 3, start-up CEO)

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