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my passion is helping parents, babies and tots sleep

while preserving attachment and the breastfeeding relationship – and definitely without using the Cry-it-Out method! The phrase “sleep training” makes me cringe! The Sleep Savvy method is based in biology, developmental psychology and cultural anthropology. Together we create a sleep learning plan that brings you gigantic results in as little as 3 days. Changing sleep patterns isn’t easy but with me holding your hand, your journey to sleep will be informed, clear, and supported! I have the utmost confidence in my programs, webinars and private consulting with over 600 families helped with 100% satisfaction.

Whether you are expecting, currently having sleep challenges like night waking or bedtime aversion; need help with gentle discipline or gentle potty learning – there is something on this website just for you!


Co-Sleeping and the New AAP Sleep Guidelines 2016

I am in field of helping parents and babies survive the challenges of sleep depravation and supporting them in healthy lactation. Families are simply still not seeing the reality of their sleep depravation reflected by the AAP or pediatricians.

The 3 or 4 Month Sleep Regression: What the Heck and How to Cope

The 3 or 4 Month Sleep Regression as many call it- isn't a sleep regression at all, it is a maturation (as crazy as that may seem, stay with me!) Babies aren't reverting back to a "bad" sleep pattern. That newborn stage was full of sleep!  This 3-4 month period of...

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