Why Are We Still Talking About Spanking?

I’m calling for a turn of the tides in child discipline research.  Studies so far have proven beyond a doubt that spanking is not a healthy or effective method of discipline and yet, the studies continue to be created, funded, and published because too many...

The 3 or 4 Month Sleep Regression: What the Hell and How to Cope

This 3-4 month period of time actually refers to a baby coming out of the “4th Trimester”, or sleepy womb-like time and becoming a person of the world with a maturing brain stem. New parents who felt lucky that they had been gifted a good sleeper will sometimes at 3 or 4 months tell me they feel like they had been tricked! Why isn’t their good sleeper sleeping now? What to do?

When Gay Became Family-Friendly

“You should cry on your first VLOG ever” -Said no biz coach ever. This is the first time I’m really talking about my personal life as well as what happened in the beginning of my teaching career.  Love, Moorea...

Actually, Breastfeeding Does Change Your Boobs!

I have a problem with all of these articles that come out and say, “Breastfeeding doesn’t make your breasts sag, pregnancy does!” The implied here is “So it’s okay to breastfeed now” or “If breastfeeding made our boobs sag, maybe we wouldn’t want to do it, but...


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