Ready to go from depleted & overwhelmed to confident,calm,connected and rested?

Ready to go from depleted & overwhelmed to confident, calm, connected and rested?


 Gentle parenting is hard work and you’re feeling drained. I’m here to make balancing your own needs with your child’s needs easy peasy apple squeezy!

Getting support is essential to self-care and self-care is essential to parenting gently

If you want your parenting information and support to be based on:

  • biological science
  • developmental psychology
  • attachment theory 
  • cultural anthropology
  • proven mindfulness and calming techniques
  • compassion for the needs of parent and child 

 ….you’re in the right place!

You’ve found that sister/best friend parenting mentor you always wished for and the expert who’s up to date on the research. I’ll hold your hand so you don’t feel alone on this loopy road. 

I’m Moorea Malatt and this is your new parenting oasis! Together we’ll create gentle sleep learning, gentle discipline and potty learning plans that will have you high-fiving your tiny person in as few as 4 nights. You’ll be one of the more than 700 families I’ve supported. You’ll turn that parenting stress and exhaustion into energy to complete your creative projects and enjoy the outdoors with your family!

Expecting or have a new baby?
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Want more? Check out the blog on gentle sleep and everything else newborn-3 years!

6 Infant Sleep Myths Debunked

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Moving Your Toddler Gently Into Their Own Bed

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Savvy VIP

VIP (Very Informed Parent) Package - One Year of Support

Let me be an extra parenting partner on your Journey!  An excellent gift to yourself or a new parent friend! 

Newborn-8mo Sleep Support & Education 

Sleep Support Crawler, Toddler, Preschooler 9mo-3yrs

Gentle Discipline Support 6mo-4yrs

Potty Learning 10mo-4yrs

A Partner in All Parenting Challenges.

We need to thank you for being our 3rd partner in parenting. You have gotten us through the forever bedtime and night waking, major tantrums, communication challenges, the picky eating problem of the century and now feeding challenges with a second baby. You have to make an app so everyone can have you as a parenting partner in their pocket!

Magi, San Francisco CA

Im Finally Sleeping Again.

Thank you very much for this detailed plan. Our little girl is happily sleeping and without Cry-it-Out!  I felt like a new person b/c I hadn’t had that much sleep in a row in over a year.  I even started having dreams again! Thanks so much for your help. I honestly feel like a different person!

Kimberly, Seattle WA

Fixed Our Days for Better Nights.

Thank you for helping us realize our sleep challenges were really gentle discipline challenges and helping us have a clear plan for dealing with all of the fighting of every boundary that Z was doing. It never occurred to me the fixing daytime challenges would help our sleep but it has tremendously and I now have such great communication with my tiny person.

Jennifer, Baltimore MD

Potty as Bonding Time.

Her potty learning has actually been a great bonding time for us, especially as she becomes increasingly mobile. Everyone at her ‘baby college’ class always asks how she got so great at pottying so soon, and while a lot of it is her, I really credit and thank you.

Sarah, Seattle, WA

Questions? I would love to hear from you if you have any questions about services, speaking engagements. Talk to me! If you're not sure about the best way I can serve you, tell me a bit about your challenge here. Please fill out the form below and I will reply as soon as possible.

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Biology and Developmental Psychology-based Parenting Education & Support!

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